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The MacKenzie Agency helps businesses manage their risk and protect their future with a wide selection of insurance programs. Our staff of knowledgeable professionals will take the time to understand how your business works and provide the appropriate insurance options to fit your specific needs.

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For Your Work Life.

Our commercial insurance clients can feel confident knowing that we've secured them the best insurance rate by marketing their policy to a vast group of carriers. Our partnerships include Auto Owners, West Bend, Midwest Family Mutual, Employers Mutual Casualty (EMC), QBE, Acuity, Allied/Nationwide, Travelers Insurance, Progressive, Amerisafe, State Fund Mutual and more.



Whether you own or lease your business' building, Commercial Property Insurance covers you in the unfortunate case of a fire, theft or other covered disaster. It will enable your business to get back up-and-running instead of being forced to close its doors after a catastrophe.

At the MacKenzie Agency, we realize no situation is the same—a restaurant needs kitchen equipment coverage, but a car dealership needs garage liability. We will work with you to create a complete coverage plan that's unique to your business and affordable.

X-Ray Results

Workers' Compensation.

Slips, trips, falls and cuts. No matter how much money and effort you put toward accident prevention, something always seems to happen.

When an employee gets injured on the job, Workers' Compensation Insurance will provide the wage replacement and medical benefits needed during his or her leave of absence. The MacKenzie Agency realizes the gravity of a workers' compensation accident, which is why we work tirelessly on getting the claim settled efficiently and effectively.

Delivery Van

Business Auto.

No matter if your business uses a single vehicle once a week or hundreds of vans everyday, the MacKenzie Agency will construct an insurance package that covers you in the case of an accident.


While we do not directly provide commercial trucking insurance, our affiliated company, Truck Writers, Inc., specializes in it. Click here to contact them about your trucking insurance needs.

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Data Security.

No matter the type of business, scammers and hackers always seem to be knocking at the door. Whether an email attachment caused a breach in your firewall or a hacker leaked confidential information, Cyber Liability Insurance provides coverage for the services needed to regain your customers' and the public's trust.


These often include notification services, legal counsel, public relations and more.

Want to learn even more about our insurance services and offerings? Tell us what you need and start feeling protected today.

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